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November 2014

In case any of you are wondering what I am blogging about and why my food history has taken a back seat (except for one small article that is about to come out in the next PPC - Let me know what you thing) I have been heads down on my work around 21st Century Education and Polices. My School Stuff section of the blog is VERY ACTIVE of late and if you are interested in technology and learning or 21st Century policy frameworks, or educator learning or qualitative research methodologies you should check this section out.

If you are just interested in my food stuff I think you are going to have to wait until I finish my PhD.



People who read this blog are from -

August 2013

I am mostly adding pieces around my dissertation proposal for the PhD. program Education Leadership and Change at St. Patrick’s University in Dublin. You can find these entries under SCHOOL STUFF in the above menu.

Comments are still not turned on so if you have any please email them to me at david at vastrepast dot com or connect with me on Facebook.


July 2012

Well mobilme has shut down and now I am hosting on GoDaddy.

So far so good (after a bit of trouble with the www vs. no www) but I do not seem to be able to get the iweb comments to work. I will look for a work around but for now people will have to e-mail me.


Nov. 2011

From NOW until New Year’s I will mostly be bLogging about the menu for this year party! Check it out on the above New Year’s link in the header for more information!


April 2011

Mostly blogging in the Perugia Towel, Dirt to Shirt and Cooking Martino sections of this blog. I will start in on the New Year’s menu soon and am bound to blog in the Old Food section later this summer when we start camping (and cooking) more.

PLEASE leave me a comment! I always like to know people are out there.


Sept. 2010

Make sure you check out the FROM DIRT TO SHIRT section!

I am mostly bLogging there lately.

Comments on chemical production, dyes and urine!


Check out my new section on MASTER CHEF!!

Help me with the application process.

August 2009

Check out a new place on my bLog! THE PLATINA PROJECT!

July 2009

NEW CONTENT in the OLD FOOD BLOG!  and Cooking Martino.

Also I am just playing with and they have a webwidget that randomly shows your books. I have added it here to see how it works.   

January 2009

My site is less under construction than it was when I started it in July of 2006 however it is always being added to and will probably always be in a state of flux! Originally I wanted to get something up and running quickly so I could share the Tortiglione Ripieno redaction from Scappi that I was working on (see the old food blog for more). I even put it on a .mac account (where it remains) instead of under my Vast Repast domain so I could easily use the software with the server. Apparently comments cannot be turned on if you use an external host. Hello can you say manipulation of the market! I think I should call the Federal Trade Commission!

I am thinking of turning this into The Vast Repast site. Until I have more time to write my column it seems a waste to keep the domain up and running under a s separate hosting environment. And now that .mac has a domain name registry I could just switch it. It would mean upgrading to iLife 08 but . . . we shall see what happens.

On my site you will be able to access my non-work related activities; my bLogs - Travel, Old Food, Cooking Martino, Random bLogging, New Years, Scent, etc. Photo albums are attached to many of them, but once you get to the photo section you are free to explore all the other albums.

You can review my latest professional resume, read some sample columns of “The Vast Repast”, hear a podcast of the first column, peruse abstracts for my more esoteric writing on food history or preview some of the things I am working on next.

If you are a newspaper editor, or a reader who want’s your local paper to carry my column, information on syndication of The Vast Repast can be found at or you can contact me at

The above photos were taken at our New Year’s 2006 party where we hosted 48 of our friends for an 8 course dinner. New Year’s 2008 was the 8th year we hosted our New Year’s Party. You will find lots of ramblings about our next party (and our last) under the New Year’s bLog.

Who knows what else I will put up on this site?

Guess you will have to explore to find out!


PS - To contact me you can always leave a comment on one of the blogs or send me an e-mail at


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